The Psychic Friends are Ken Campbell and Kevin Knaus, twin sons born of different fathers and different mothers but, as far back as they can recall, have remained psychically linked through numerous past lives beginning with the time when they both served in Cleopatra’s Court as foot washers to the Queen. Radically different in most respects, yet identically aligned in more, the Psychic Friends have converged harmonically in the fulfillment of their collective destiny to provide to the masses entertainment that is of questionable value but of considerable importance; well, at least they believe it is.

Separated after birth, Ken spent his formative years in California, in and around the City of Los Angeles, while Kevin spent his in a small town called Polson, on a big lake in Montana. As revealed in the prophecies, when The Friends turned 16 years of age and the alignment of the planets was correct, they were reunited inside the walls of a brick building known as "Polson High School."

The Friends first collaborative musical effort was a duet for 5-string banjo and wood flute performed in a canoe on the date of America’s Bicentennial celebration as the Friends and their canoe plunged over a waterfall that was part of the Mission Valley Irrigation Project in Montana, destroying their instruments, terrifying their Mothers, and nearly resulting in their deaths. Although the music may not have been memorable, their shared, near-death experience caused The Friends to become inextricably bound, thus cementing the inevitability of future collaborative efforts. The vast majority of these collaborations were part of a bi-coastal (well, sort of) experiment that spanned the Continent (well, almost) that took place in the waning part of the last century that culminated in what only could be described as shared, unadulterated insanity. Discarding prestigious, lucrative, and enviable social positions of status and economic stability, The Friends cast any and all suggestions of reasonableness, precaution, and plain old common sense to the proverbial wind to produce the collaborative and individual compositions that would reveal their destiny. Metaphorically setting sail in a precarious raft on a sea filled with uncertainty, The Friends ultimately washed ashore at the Studios of Angel Beach located on an island known as "Minneapolis" braving the distinct possibility they would be summarily pushed back to sea at the end of a large hockey stick. Teamed with the vast pool of musical talent found frozen in the Twin Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, (excuse me, Minneapolis and Saint Paul), particularly numerous musicians who had previously played with or been associated with those Cities’ Favorite Son, The Friends began to create musical compositions that shocked and stunned their friends and colleagues, not to mention, themselves.

One of the more significant products of these collaborations was “Halogen Headlights,” which has been described as “a twisted, yet hilarious romp of unparalleled musical and lyrical improvisation worthy of serious recognition by renowned musicians and poets alike.” An idea conceived by Kevin, the impetus for which he can offer no rational explanation, “Headlights” evolved into its present form through The Friends’ various re-works of the lyrics and music and was ultimately re-born through the genius of JD Steele, a fellow castaway on the shores of Angel Beach. Unforeseen by The Friends, it was inevitably revealed that JD Steele had also been born of the same parents as The Friends and it was therefore pre-destined that these improbable Brothers that are sons of different Fathers and Mothers would be reunited so that JD could lend his signature vocal harmonies and brilliant production skills to this monumental composition.

A Little About Ken
A Little About Kevin

Ken Campbell is a Californian but, at the moment, makes his home in Tucson, Arizona. He has been a musician for as long as he can remember. He sang opera as a child but, when his voice began to change he taught himself how to play keyboards after realizing he was not coordinated enough to play the guitar. However, he did take lessons and learned to play the trumpet (hated it) and five-string banjo. He began to explore songwriting in High School after he discovered that women (girls at the time) liked having songs written about them. He joined a rock band in college and, through the years, has played and sung with many outstanding musicians. He loves listening to and performing all kinds of music. He also loves big, fast German luxury automobiles. He would love to meet and fall in love with a woman that sincerely believes that love is more important than money; that is stunningly beautiful, but also intelligent, well-educated, loving, caring, unselfish, spiritual, artistic, inventive, independent, affectionate, sexy, understanding, supportive, and not picky about the kind of man she wants to meet and fall in love with.

Kevin Knaus Kevin Knaus was born in Montana and at the age of 3 was riding a horse in the annual buffalo roundup at the National Bison Range in Moise Montana. Barbecued Buffalo. Yum. But, alas, he is a terrible cowboy. Any self respecting horse immediately heads for the lowest branch on the nearest tree and easily leaves him in the dust beneath the tree. This is where he first realized that something he calls "horse fallout" caused things to fall towards the next heaviest object, in this case earth. By the time Kevin reached high school physics he found out that someone named Newton had long ago figured out this horse consequence thing and had named it the totally non-intuitive word, "gravity". So much for personal discoveries.

Kevin's main objective in life is to be the Henry Ford of space travel, integrating commonly available technologies into an affordable means of personnal inter-stellar transportation vehicles. A line of manually powered "star horses(r) 1991 Kevin Knaus" is forthcoming whereby the owner/rider can pedal their way to the moon. A prize a 47 dollars and 17 cents is being offered to the first person to make the roundtrip successfully. So someone out there has that to look forward to.

One other odd bit of life experience is that Kevin's baseball coach and neighbor as a child was the nephew of the now somewhat infamous L.Ron Hubbard. Back in the early 1950's in Eastern Montana, L. Ron had discovered that there were certain interesting consequences that occurred once someone managed to take a little review walk down their own personal timeline of experience. L. Ron passed the knowledge of those consequences on to his nephew, who in turn managed to relay them to some degree to Kevin. So, let the dark side of the force be warned, we are hip to your jive!

Other than that Kevin spends his days making the world safe for catalog marketing (coming soon to a mail box near you) and planting his annual garden in the shape of the Rolling Stones Tongue and Lips for the benefit of his neighbor, Cousin Willie. Cousin Willie may have organized the most bus trips to Stones concerts of any living human, and Kevin is only too willing to offer encouragement to Cousin Willie on his daily drives past the garden by planting a vast array of dreadlock amaranths. Gardon On!

And by the way, falling stars are halogen headlights from vehicles Kevin has abondoned in orbit while practicing his other hobby of orbit jumping, (similar to base jumping, but using only a canister of nitrous oxide, an oxygen mask, and a stitched together parachute made from Hilton Hotel towels he has collected over the years. He doesn't really need the nitrous oxide, but it makes the descent far more enjoyable)...